An island
full of magic

Nothing comes close to Santorini in terms of natural magnificence, island mystique and an inexplicable energy. Whether it’s the island’s volcano, the Ancient Greek civilizations that have inhabited it or the island’s suspected ties to Atlantis, Santorini today represents a stunning collection of villages, attractions, flavors, experiences and natural wonders that captivate the five senses and awaken the sixth.

Santorini’s towns and villages, such as Fira, Oia and Megalohori, all offer something different to the visitor. Its unique vineyards and robust wines match its Cycladic Mediterranean cuisine sublimely and provide an extraordinary gastronomic experience against the stark rocky countryside, deep blue of the sea and sun-blessed skies. This is an island for relaxation, adventure and romance where the good things in life manifest themselves and dreamy landscapes merge with reality. It is where you can finally be true to yourself.